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Day 3 – 4 [… and 5]

This has been an extremely trying week so far. But I guess that happens… Learnt that retrenchment might be in the cards and have also been given the date for when my child has to go into surgery for his op. This has all flared my stomach ulcer up and my ‘monthlys’ “conveniently” started as well 😦 – and this has all left me less inclined to exercise which is usually the ‘thing’ I enjoy the most.

I kept my wits about me on day 3, yesterday however… I think it’s because I slipped a little off the rails and was quite tearful and entered into the whole ‘I don’t care’ zone and had a slab of milky bar with my cup of coffee last night, and I didn’t feel a stitch of guilt – because it’s my little piece of heaven, and I did feel contented after the fact. My philosophy has always been, that you should ‘kill the craving before it kills you’ and the other one, ‘you can get too much of a good thing’. At least I slept really well last night!

Now, weekends… I always find them to be a bit of a bugger. We have this glorious Ice-Cream parlour in town which makes the best [BEST] biscuit flavoured ice-cream in the history of mankind… but it’s not a statutory weekend requirement. I’ll try my best today, but I have a cake to decorate for my nieces birthday party tomorrow – and fortunately because I spend so much time around darn cake, it has no appeal to me whatsoever. A few of the girls in HR have been following this eating plan and aside from the primary aim of losing weight, by the 2nd/3rd day you don’t feel hungry during the day and your energy levels are up, so they’re all glowing 🙂

As a rule, the weekends I pretty much do my own thing – I’m happy to lose weight during the week, except if there’s some major event coming up… I might then be motivated into being more mindful over weekends… but I make a point of never seeing any eating plan as a ‘diet’, because I think subliminally the word ‘diet’ has so many negative connotations attached to it, things like sufferance, punishment and the biggest one ‘deprivation’. Following an eating plan, but moreso a ‘healthy’ one is much like the ‘gurus’ always say, should be a change in lifestyle, not just something to do. I have no doubt that the rest of today will go really well – oh and ps. even with all the nonsense and bumps I’ve had throughout this week… I’ve still managed to lose a kg [2.2lbs]. And I know for a fact that the results are usually far greater if there’s a bit of exercise involved! So next week I’ll tackle that ‘box’.


DAY 1 & 2


Although day 1 had actually happened yesterday, I’ll say – fortunately I had been too busy at work. Being busy is always a good thing, as it gives you less time to worry about eating.

They say that idle hands do Devils work, they also encourage ‘snacking’.

So Day1… went exceptionally well. For the first ‘monday’ in a long time, I was able to stick to the ‘plan’ without faltering (too much that is). I will admit that they day of apples and soup was well under control, but for a lunch time appointment with a friend to discuss doing some charity work – during which I had a cup of coffee (only). Usually at the end of (actually by around 10 am)…I’ve caved in – yesterday however I safely reached 5pm, and while preparing supper for the child, I happened to stumble across fresh ‘white’ bread rolls with nice crispy sesame seeds on top, and the sheer bliss of the aroma literally caused me to drool a little bit – while I buttered a roll for the child to have with his soup, (…and although I never eat ‘white’ bread, let alone bread at all) – for some reason the temptation was extremely overpowering. So I decided to have one.

See, I think it’s all about give and take… and moderation. I just made a conscious decision, that if I had the bread roll, I would not have any other junk. So aside from the one bread roll… yesterday was a booming success.

This morning has started out really well – but after some news relating to my job, which our department received yesterday ( So I attribute my cave in to the starchy bread roll – to stress) …my spirits are much higher today and so far I’ve done a sterling job of ‘egg & tomato’ for breakfast, with the ‘fruit’ set aside for my 10am snack. I sometimes wish I was one of those people who completely lost their appetite at the first sign of ‘stress’. I think from all the ‘indoctrination’ I’ve received from my mother regarding ‘comfort eating’, subliminally I’ve almost convinced myself that I do the same… it’s all a state of mind, people.

At the moment, with my wedding under my belt – my next motivational factor is ‘December’, being in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s summer time – and it get’s pretty warm down here, which means it’s sun, sea, pool and Christmas time – not a very healthy combination – but I’m determined to lose at least 10kgs [+- 22lbs] between now and the 23rd of December (because that’s when my holiday starts – WOW, that’s in a month) – and don’t ask me why I woke up so late and have now set an ‘unrealistic’ goal…. on the bright side of it all, I beat my ‘monday’. So Tuesday…. lets take you by the horns.