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Unless you’re a fitness freak or someone with an obsessive-compulsive disorder to exercise – even so… I’m sure secretly, even to those crazy people going religiously for their morning jogs in sub-zero temperatures or torrential rains…IT’S A PAIN IN THE ARSE.

On my umpteenth attempt at getting into shape, i.e. losing weight and firming up – but this time I was going to succeed and officially make it the ‘change in lifestyle’ all the gurus continuously yap on about – Why? because I’m getting married in 12 days (But this whole ‘lifestyle change’ occurred in January already – so it’s been a progression). Ok, so with an “eating plan” I could actually stick to – we were however heading for winter, now who wants to go anywhere except bed, in winter? So I tackled the challenge of, how do I get to stay at home, but do something more stimulating than a tae-bo DVD and more importantly, how do I stick to it once I’ve started?

Here’s how…

(Left) An in-game screenshot of ‘Your Shape-Fitness Evolved’, having your own personal trainer has never been easier. (Centre) The ‘game’ that has made exercise something I look so forward to. (Right) All you need (plus the game obviously) to get you started, the X-box 360, controller and Kinect eye can be purchased as a complete package.

Ironically it’s Your Shape:Fitness Evolved. And that’s just it…it is the evolution and future of you. I’ve almost got arms like Madonna, have lost 22 pounds and have enjoyed every second of it. It’s like having your own personal trainer, in the privacy of your own home, with a once off payment for a lifetime membership of enjoyment! But wait, there’s more… because of the technology utilised via the corroboration between the X-box 360 and the Kinect Eye, the ‘game’ is able tell via your motion and it’s ‘motion sensing technology’, just whether you’re doing the exercises correctly or not – so this way you’re getting accurate training for maximum results! Score. And don’t for an instant believe that the exercises are ‘willy nilly‘ in any way… on the contrary, some of them will leave your lungs on the brink of collapse and have you walking around as if you’re entirely wrapped in plaster of paris for days.

There are exercises to suit all tastes, fitness levels as well as overall goals – whether they be weight loss, toning, increasing your fitness levels or mere meditation with varying ‘Tai Chi’ routines. Not to mention their affiliation with personal trainers such as Gunnar Petersen, Nivia and both Fitness For Men and Fitness for Women.

If you’re trying to pull the ‘But I Have Nobody To Look After The Children Excuse‘… well look no further. On the nights when my partner is home, he gladly looks after the little one – due to the fact that I’ve bargained that he is entitled to as much X-box time as I am, so the munchkin is fed and bathed by the time I’m done exercising. When I’m done – I have quality time with the munchkin, while feeling invigorated. Hubby gladly plays games, whereafter I have quiet time to bath, go to bed and snuggle with Dean Koontz without interruption. Sound good, it’s because it is 🙂 In my next blog I’ll include the eating plan, because that’s a whole other explanation.

Even as a single parent there is no excuse. On nights when my partner is working at night, I get the little munchkin his supper and some juice – while he sits in the lounge watching me jump around like a monkey! So I’m busy and he’s entertained!

Also, there are an array of other ‘games’ for children and husbands/partners which also utilise the ‘Kinect’ technology, which SHOULD also get THEM up and moving in more ways than one!

But trust me when I say…this will revolutionise you, your way of thinking, your life and most of all your body 🙂

Click a country to browse online for YOUR VERY OWN X-Box 360 & Kinect eye:

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Happy shopping ladies *and men* < besides, it’s a great gift idea for any woman from any man, keeping in mind – it’s true what they say, “The best present you can buy someone, is one you want for yourself” 😉